2021 Projects

Meet the 2020 Wellington Ignite Executive! 


Top row from left: George Higgie, Liam Scott, Hannah McCoy, Emma Cameron, Janielee Avia

Middle row: Mia Houston, Natalya Holmes, Megan MacKay

Bottom row: Kushali Tuinder, Sera Milbank, Lofa Totua

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Meet the 2022 Wellington Ignite Executive! 


Back row from left: Maxine Burger, Francesca Sofia, Lana Stevenson, Grace Windhager.

Middle row: Simon McSweeny Harte, Emelye Brown, Larissa Wilkinson.

Front row: Bonny Chandrakumaran, Grace Holden, Lucy Owen.

Absent: Kate Schellekens, Bayley Petry, Ally Green.

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The Blackhouse is a weekly radio show that shares information in support of the african-heritage and

black diaspora experience in Aotearoa New Zealand. It operates as a small community group run by volunteers. The radio show shares stories, social observations, music, history, news, events and more from diverse communities across Aotearoa.


Parents for Climate Aotearoa is an organisation that aims to empower parents to take action on climate change. The organisation recognises the importance of a parent’s role in mitigating against climate change in order to provide a healthy environment for their children and future generations to thrive in.



Ngā Uri o Whiti Te Rā Mai Le Moana Trust

Ngā Uri o Whiti Te Rā Mai Le Moana Trust provide education, advocacy and support to MVPFAFF+ and LGBTQiA+ community, families, schools and wider community in Porirua. The trust is proudly Māori and Pasifika owned and has a goal of increasing community participation in Porirua.


Some of their work includes supporting rangatahi into performing arts, and using that as an avenue to drive participation in Te Reo Māori in mainstream schools.


Community Law offers free specialist legal advice and educates the community on their legal rights. The organisation is strongly committed to Te Tiriti in all of the services it

provides. Community Law Wellington is an inclusive environment full of passionate staff, volunteer lawyers, and students who want to support anyone who may require their services. Their aim is to ensure that the community has access to justice and equality.


The Deen Welfare Trust is a Wellington based welfare organisation that provides chaplaincy services (in prison and university contexts), celebrant services and social services to students, prisoners, refugees and migrants in the Wellington region for free. 

The trust has a link to Victoria University of Wellington through it providing educational scholarships for five students from a refugee background.

T2 2022 Projects
Ignite Wellington Trimester 2 2022
Project Applications

Recruitment for our trimester 2 projects opens Friday July 15th at 5pm and will close Friday July 22nd at 5pm.

Ignite run for a 9-week period where you will be working in a diverse team of 5 consultants, joined by a project manager, an experienced mentor, and an amazing organisation geared towards generating social change in the Wellington Community.

If you have any questions about recruitment or the Ignite project process, please email wellington@igniteconsultants.co.nz