2021 Projects

Meet the 2020 Wellington Ignite Executive! 


Top row from left: George Higgie, Liam Scott, Hannah McCoy, Emma Cameron, Janielee Avia

Middle row: Mia Houston, Natalya Holmes, Megan MacKay

Bottom row: Kushali Tuinder, Sera Milbank, Lofa Totua

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Meet the 2021 Wellington Ignite Executive! 

IGNITE PIC_edited.jpg

Back row from left: Liam Scott, Stuart Leslie, Maia Hay-Newnham

Third row: Elise Plunket, Larissa Wilkinson, Natalya Homes

Second row: Jaime Turner, Georgia Jury-Putter, Isabel Becker, Lana Stevenson

Front row: Amy Flynn, Grace Holden

Absent: Rose Coffey

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Good Bitches Baking is a network of people who want to show kindness to those in their communities who are having a tough time. We do this by baking them a delicious treat.

They have a network of 28 chapters around the country which organise volunteers to bake goods and distribute them to people in need.


InsideOUT works to give rainbow young people in Aotearoa New Zealand a sense of safety and belonging in their schools and communities.

They provide resources, information, workshops, consulting and support for anything concerning rainbow or LGBTQIA+ issues and education for schools, workplaces and community organisations.



PADA champions awareness and facilitating best practice in perinatal mental health and wellbeing to ensure all families have access to appropriate information and support.

 They serve mums, dads, caregivers, whanau, professionals, researchers, educators, support groups, community supporters and employers, who work with: depression, distress, anxiety, psychosis, adjustment to parenting, fertility & birth trauma.


Regenerate Magazine  supports people affected by homelessness or poverty across Wellington.


They do this by providing a magazine for affected people to sell, and allow them to keep the profits.   

Regenerate seeks to provide a purposeful activity for the people selling the magazine, provide a legitimate source of income for the people selling the magazine, provide a medium of communication so that the people selling the magazine can have their work published and provide a sense of belonging by being a part of the Regenerate Whānau.


WWM helps events exceed their waste minimisation goals and prove that any event can implement effective waste minimisation plans.

They do this by creating waste management plans, assisting to resource staff for the event as well as helping out on the day and after the event. 

Ignite Wellington Trimester 2 2021
Project Applications

Recruitment for our Ignite Wellington Projects is now open! Applications close Friday July 16th at 5pm.

Ignite run for a 9-week period where you will be working in a diverse team of 5 consultants, joined by a project manager, an experienced mentor, and an amazing organisation geared towards generating social change in the Wellington Community.

If you have any questions about recruitment or the Ignite project process, please email wellington@igniteconsultants.co.nz

T2 2021 Projects