Meet the 2020 Wellington Ignite Executive! 

Top row from left: George Higgie, Liam Scott, Hannah McCoy, Emma Cameron, Janielee Avia

Middle row: Mia Houston, Natalya Holmes, Megan MacKay

Bottom row: Kushali Tuinder, Sera Milbank, Lofa Totua

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Thankyou payroll

Thankyou Payroll is a social enterprise that offers a cloud-based payroll software system to manage all the complexities of payroll, leave entitlements and taxes. They put purpose and profit side by side and believe in the power of business for good.

Our Projects

Lower hutt women's centre

The Lower Hutt Women’s Centre provides support, encouragement and education in a safe environment for women. They run a continuous range of self help groups and courses for both teenage girls and women in an environment where women feel like they don’t have to fit a criteria to have their voice heard.

Brave Hearts

Brave Hearts puts together gift packs for parents with children in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) to help support them through the difficult and often stressful period. Brave Hearts aims to inspire families with the hope of tomorrow and bring some cheer to their day.

Rape Crisis

Wellington Rape Crisis was established to create a support network for women survivors of rape and sexual abuse. They provide support to women and gender diverse survivors of sexual violence. Their vision is to see a world free of rape and sexual abuse and the damage it causes.


EIARNAP, Education Is A Right Not A Privilege is a non-profit organisation helping children in New Zealand get the education and future they deserve. They believe that education is the key to helping these children to not just survive but to thrive. EIARNAP helps to reduce basic barriers for these children, including providing them with stationery supplies.

Ignite Wellington Trimester 2
Project Applications

Recruitment for our Ignite Wellington Projects is now open! Applications close July 24 at 5pm.

Ignite run for a 9-week period where you will be working in a diverse team of 5 consultants, joined by a project manager, an experienced mentor, and an amazing organisation geared towards generating social change in the Wellington Community.

If you have any questions about recruitment or the Ignite project process, please email

This is part of a video created by our Ignite team who partnered with Tairangi School