Tom Darry

Chief Financial Officer

Alexander Rasmussen
Chief Executive Officer
Phoebe McInerney
Projects Coordinator 
Clementine Rose
Marketing and Recruitment Manager 
Tom Hardy
Project Manager 
Mike McInerney Heather
Project Manager 
Hannah Brown
Chief Operations Officer 
Sydney Telfer
Training and Development Manager
Holly Armstrong
Project Manager 

Nina Minogue 
Project Manager 
Britta Hamill
Project Manager

Current Projects

Anglican Family 


MamAku Trust


Anglican Family Care has been providing quality whānau based social support services in Otago for almost 50 years. Their mission is to work together with Otago whānau to make a change that inspires hope for a better future. They provide a number of services including Family Start, Home Based Family Support, Social Workers in Schools, Therapeutic services (including Play Therapy), Care-Giving/Respite, and Restorative Justice.

Mamuku Trust was established to engage the wider community in the biodiversity, education and sustainability objectives for the Mamuku Point Conservation Reserve. The Reserve is located on Stewart Island making up most of a 172 hectares property encompassing an entire headland comprised of rugged hilly terrain, rewilding grasslands, pristine sandy beaches, streams and some of the oldest native podocarp forest in the country.

Stitch Kitchen was established in 2015. They run a community sewing studio in which they run projects focused on waste reduction and resource utilisation. They have begun community engagement project to inspire skills sharing and provide an outlet for their collection of resources. They have also run special events and ‘pop-ups’ which focus on educating the community on issues of textile waste and fast fashion. 

Mental Health and addictions network group

Otago multiple sclerosis society

The Mental Health and Addictions Network is an interagency forum of representatives from organisations working in mental health. Their mission is the promotion of mental health messages and awareness raising, focusing on reducing stigma and encouraging strategies for maintaining wellbeing.

The Otago Multiple Sclerosis Society (OMSS) is a not-for-profit organisation, devoted to supporting people with MS (and other neurological conditions), their families and carers. They aim to empower people with MS and their families by providing them with professional support, education, information, and skills, to participate actively in the community in ways that are meaningful to them.




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