Clementine joined Ignite as a consultant for Youthline Otago in 2019 and took on the role of Marketing and Recruitment Manager later that year. In 2020, she took on the role of Projects Coordinator. 2022 will mark Clementine’s second year as CEO. She is excited to further develop Ignite's strategic goals and continue building relationships between Ignite and the Dunedin not-for-profit community. Clementine is in her fourth year of Law and Commerce.

Yash Exec photo.JPG

Yash Rosario
Chief Financial Officer

Clementine Rose
Chief Executive Officer
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Mike joined Ignite in 2019 as a consultant, taking on the role of Project Manager later that year, before spending 2020 in the role of Chief Financial Officer. In 2021 Mike became our Projects Co-ordinator. While enjoying all of these roles, Mike is looking forward to being a Project Manager again and getting to work with Tactical Medicine New Zealand this semester. Outside of Ignite, Mike is a fifth-year law and commerce student and enjoys a good tramp in the mountains.

Mike McInerney-Heather
Projects Coordinator 
Archie Exec photo.JPG

 Archie joined Ignite in 2021 and worked with the Otago Youth Wellness Trust. He thoroughly enjoyed working with his team to make a positive impact in the community. This year Archie is our Training and Development Manager. Archie is in his third year studying Law and Commerce.

Archie Ritchie 
Training Manager
Marianne Exec photo _edited.jpg
Marianne Hyslop
Project Manager
Sam Exec photo.JPG

Sam joined Ignite in 2020 as a consultant working with K9-MD. During this process, Sam thoroughly enjoyed working within the community and being able to see how Ignite’s involvement made a tangible difference to the organisation and the wider community. In 2022 Sam is excited to continue her involvement with Ignite as a Project Manager. Sam is in her fourth year of a double degree in a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Criminology.

Samantha White
Project Manager
Robbie Exec photo_edited.jpg

 Robbie Joined Ignite in 2021 and worked with the Otago Youth Wellness Trust. During this time he enjoyed getting to learn about the organisation's involvement with the tamariki they help every year. Robbie is excited to continue working with Ignite and oversee the marketing the recruitment plan for the year. Robbie is in his fourth year studying law and Commerce.

Robert Speed
Marketing & Recruitment Manager
Laura Exec photo .JPG

Laura joined Ignite two years ago as a consultant working with WEKA, whereby she enjoyed learning more about mental health and wellbeing. This year, Laura is thrilled to continue with Ignite as the Projects Co-ordinator for 2022. Laura is currently in her fifth year at Otago studying a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts.

Laura Brown
Project Manager
Sophie Exec photo.JPG

 Sophie joined Ignite as a consultant for the Coalition of Trusts in 2021, staying on for the full year of the project. Since then, Sophie has taken on the role of Chief Operations Officer. Sophie is passionate about Ignite and eager to see Ignite have another successful year. Sophie has just graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Gender Studies, Sociology and Communications and is currently completing a Graduate Diploma in HR Management.

Sophie Armstrong
Chief Operations Officer 
Connor Exec photo.JPG

  Connor joined Ignite as a consultant in 2020 for Carers Network Otago. He has since assumed the role of Project Manager in 2022 and is excited to assist Protect our Winters New Zealand in achieving its organisational goals. Connor believes in the value that Ignite has within the community and hence, is thrilled to be back on board this year. Connor is in his fourth year studying commerce in accounting and management.

Connor Murray
Project Manager

Samantha joined Ignite as a consultant in 2020, working with Otago Carer’s Network. Since then, Samantha has taken on the inaugural role of Diversity Manager, in order to develop and implement a long-term plan of diversity within Ignite. In this role, Samantha seeks to foster connections in the community and learn from others. Samantha is currently in her fourth year of Law and Arts in English and Classics. 

Samantha Fowler
Diversity Manager
Gen Exec photo .JPG

Genevieve joined Ignite in 2021 as a consultant and worked with Araiteuru Marae and Ngai Tahu Maori Law Centre. She enjoyed getting to extend her legal knowledge and helping out the local community. This year Genevieve has taken on the role of Project Manager and is excited to work with Dunedin Riding for the Disabled. Genevieve is in her final year studying Law and Commerce.

Genevieve Walker-Radich
Project Manager




Our Projects

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Protect Our Winters
Protect Our Winters Aotearoa connects passionate outdoor enthusiasts and everyone who loves and needs winter to generate positive climate outcomes. Protect Our Winters focuses on educational initiatives and community-based empowerment to protect New Zealand’s’ alpine environment from the damaging effects of climate change for the benefit of all New Zealanders and future generations.
Women of Otago

  Women of Otago is an organisation set up to help equip young women with the skills and confidence to get out into the world and succeed. Women of Otago aims to undo the unfair programming that women are subjected to, one initiative at a time, through educating women on making robust money decisions and equipping them with the knowledge to help build a secure financial future. It was created to empower women through new modes of thinking and tools. Women of Otago caters to and welcomes anybody that identifies as a woman and anybody who believes in gender equity regardless of their gender or sexuality. Women of Otago plans to run financial literacy seminars, round table hui, and mentorship.
 Volunteer South 

volunteer South is a charitable trust that engages and supports both tūao volunteers and volunteer organisations and community groups in the Southern region of Aotearoa New Zealand. Volunteer South seeks to celebrate, support, highlight and motivate volunteering.  Its mission is to increase the capacity of community organisations that rely on tūao volunteers by connecting them with people who are willing to offer their skills and energy. Volunteer South provides training, advice, advocacy, resources and recognition for individuals and volunteers involving organisations and community groups.
Riding For The Disabled

 RDA’s mission is to provide interaction with horses to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for people experiencing disability, or who have specific challenges or needs. DRDA aims to enable and support people with disabilities to achieve meaningful participation in, and contribution to, important life activities and roles in their community.
Tac med.png
Tactical Medicine New Zealand

 Kaitiaki Ora / Tactical Medicine New Zealand (TMNZ) was established in 2020 to increase the knowledge, skills, and preparedness of the public, first responders, and the pre-hospital trauma care system. TMNZ’s mission is to advocate and support the development of tactical medicine in Aotearoa New Zealand, improving national capability to access, treat, and evacuate casualties in dynamic, high threat environments.



Applications for Semester One 2022 are now open!


Please fill out the application form below and upload a CV and cover letter (or poster). In the cover letter, please answer the following questions:

  • Why is it you would make a good consultant?

  • What is a social issue you are passionate about, and how would you improve this social issue if you had the resources to do so?


Applications will close on Wednesday 16th March at 5 pm. We will be holding an information evening on 8th March. This is an opportunity to find out more about the role of a consultant. Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date (see links below). If your application is successful, we will be in touch with you to arrange an interview.

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