Mike McInerney Heather

Chief Financial Officer

Tom Darry
Chief Executive Officer
Clementine Rose
Projects Coordinator 
Gray Hardy
Project Manager 
Laura McKissock
Marketing and Recruitment Manager 
Phoebe Murray
Project Manager 
Emily Watt
Chief Operations Officer 
Rachael Brownlee
Training and Development Manager
Holly Armstrong
Project Manager 

Jack Wicks 
Project Manager 
Sanne Deen
Project Manager



Our Projects

Dunedin Gymnastics Academy
Dunedin Gymnastics Academy (DGA) is the largest gymnastics club south of Christchurch with over 750 members. DGA strives to provide children with fundamental movement skills, allowing them to participate in many forms of activities, as well as reducing the risk of injury. DGA provides all sorts of programs to achieve this goal, ranging from recreational cheerleading to competitive artistic gymnastics.
Otago Neighbourhood Support
Otago Neighbourhood Support (ONS) is a nationwide community-led movement that brings people and neighbourhoods together to create safe, resilient and connected communities. Connecting over 200 thousand households across the country, ONS operates at a grass root level, connecting neighbourhoods and those within them. ONS also organises community events, runs seminars, and is part of many city-wide groups aiming to make Dunedin a better, safer place.
 Coalition of Trusts
Since COVID-19, there has been an increasing number of the Dunedin population being affected through unemployment, mental wellbeing, and social isolation and disconnection from society. There is a need to form a coordinated response that enables increased and faster access to support. The Coalition of Trusts will be a collaboration between various not-for-profits and governmental organisations to address this issue, focusing on promoting volunteering, improving referral systems, ensuring hard to reach populations are being addressed etc.



Applications for Semester 1 of 2021 are now closed.


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