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Our Projects

Carers' Network Otago
In 2019, it was reluctantly agreed that the Carers Society Otago should be placed into voluntary liquidation. This project is unusual as at the moment, no organisation as such exists. However, amongst the members who attended the Annual and Special General Meetings that effectively led to the organisation’s disestablishment, there was a clear recognition of the ongoing need for support for informal carers in the community. As a result, a small working group has formed with a view to creating some form of network to continue to provide that much-needed support and education for carers
Chisholm Links
Chisholm Links is a golf course based in the suburb of Tainui in Dunedin. Developed on reserve land in the 1930s, along the sand dunes at Saint Kilda beach to lawyers head, it is one of NZ highly ranked links golf courses. The course is a full 18-hole course, complete with clubrooms, golf shop and equipment storage and the basic practice facilities including putting green.
WEKA was launched 2 years ago, to provide educational seminars and support sessions regarding mental health and related issues specifically including relapse planning, substance abuse, carer fatigue, and routes towards wellbeing in individual, whanau and community contexts. To date, community-based sessions have been delivered to over 2000 people. WEKA’s vision is to enable individuals, whanau and communities to enjoy increased mental wellbeing, in a way that is accessible, interesting and supportive, and in line with our core values - Wellness, Empathy and Kindness. 
K9 Medical Detection NZ
Deeply concerned with large numbers of New Zealanders dying from cancer, and knowledge of a canine’s incredible sensory abilities, Pauline Blomfield created K9 Medical Detection NZ in her belief that dogs could be trained for the early non-invasive detection of cancer and other diseases.  This was a two- year journey, firstly creating a charitable trust, then bringing together Otago University as the official research partner, along with a full clinical support team and an international canine scent detection expert. The trust now has leased premises at AgResearch Invermay, complete with specialised equipment and laboratories, a full - time canine trainer, owns 4 genetically selected working dogs, and a vehicle for canine transportation.
Enabling Love
Enabling Love was launched on the 25th of January 2018 and was set up to be an inclusive service for the general public and people living with disability.  They understand the challenges of meeting others through dating sites and aim to provide a safe environment for individuals to meet new friends and form new connections and relationships. 



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