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At Ignite Consultants we build partnerships between talented students and socially conscious organisations to help maximise their impact. We train leaders and channel resources for a better world. For free.

Ignite Consultants

What is Ignite?

Strategic Partnerships

We specialise in affecting organisational change through connecting clever and compassionate students with not-for profit organisations completing impactful work in our community.

Passionate Teams 

We select individuals with the passion, talent and drive that will contribute to a dynamic team geared towards solving their client’s challenges.

Sparking Change

We exist to serve those organisations who are already serving the community. Our aim is to maximise their potential through socially innovative ideas that spark change

"Ignite connects the public, private and academic sectors of Dunedin in a win, win, win nexus."

 Dave Cull, former Mayor of Dunedin

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Support Ignite 

Ignite could not operate without the support of our generous sponsors and donors. 

We are currently accepting donations via our bank transfer. 

The Ignite bank account number is 02-0108-0825565-029

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