Pomegranate Kitchen

pk-logoPomegranate Kitchen are based in their commercial kitchen in Mojo on Bond St. Founded in 2016 by Rebecca and Ange, the business combines a love of food with the desire to increase the job opportunities available to people with refugee backgrounds resettling in New Zealand. Pomegranate Kitchen provides catering services for events and individual lunch delivery to customers in central Wellington, all of its cooks are from a refugee background. Finding work is one of the most challenging aspects of resettling in a new country. Language barriers and the lack of local experience or references means it can be very difficult for former refugees to find the right training or job opportunities. Pomegranate Kitchen has a training and development programme which includes English language, health and safety, kitchen skills and on-the- job catering experience. In training and upskilling it’s employees, Pomegranate Kitchen prepare people with refugee backgrounds to continue their journey as NZ citizens.



collaborate-logo_blackCollaborate is social enterprise founded by four Wellington women. In practice, Collaborate is a mobile app that matches people with volunteer opportunities that are relevant to their skill set and interests. Organisations post specific tasks (such as a social media campaign or hosts needed for an event), and connect instantly with skilled volunteers who indicate interest. Volunteers set their preferences and see instantly opportunities that match their skills, interest and the time they have available; much like a dating app but for opportunities to do good! Collaborate’s vision is to maximise the capacity of organisations who do good (NGOs, social enterprise and community organisations) and empower individuals to create positive change.


Birthright Hutt Valley

br-hv-logoBirthright Hutt Valley (HV) is part of a national organisation that supports single parent families and aims to provide children of those families with better opportunities. Birthright HV celebrated its 50 th anniversary in 2016 and is run by a committed manager (Christine Prince), paid employees, volunteers and a Board of Trustees. Their work includes children programmes and family social work support. Birthright HV’s work is wide-ranging and assists in areas of health, finance, education and housing.




Yoga Education in Prisons Trust

yoga-wellyYoga Education in Prisons Trust (YEPT) was established in 2009 after Adhyatma, one of the co-founders, began teaching Yoga in prisons. YEPT helps rehabilitate prisoners via yoga and meditation, both of which aid personal growth and well-being. Sessions are taught in prisons all over the country, some by volunteer teachers and others by paid teachers. YEPT have observed fantastic results in the prisons they work with. As well as the teachers themselves noticing marked differences in the prisoners they work with, employees of the prisons often approach them to discuss the noticeable positive changes in behaviour that they have seen amongst the prisoners involved in the programme.


Wellington Historical and Early Settlers’ Association

historical-wellyWellington Historical and Early Settlers’ Association was founded in 1912 and aims to promote awareness of the history of the greater Wellington Region. It holds luncheon meetings with a guest speaker six times a year where they discuss historical materials and historical events. It publishes a bi-monthly newsletter called ‘Heritage Link’ and is comprised of 50 members, the majority of which are elderly. Currently the Association offers a biennial $3000 scholarship for a VUW History student called the ‘James E Worsford Scholarship’.


Disability Information & Equipment Centre

diec-logoEstablished in 1992, the Disability Information & Equipment Centre provide information, advice, equipment, support and services for New Zealanders living with disabilities. They are based in the Wellington region and have an office and store in Paraparaumu on the Kapiti Coast. DIEC provide information on topics including building access, education, support, funding, equipment, recreation, and travel. They host presentations and workshops for groups and organisations, for example their half day course at the Kapiti Aquatic Centre that is designed to demonstrate what it is like living with a disability.




Public Libraries of New Zealand

Public Libraries of New Zealand was established in 2007. They have been based mainly in Wellington since becoming established. The organization is the peak body for the public library sector. Public
Libraries of New Zealand works with more than 300 public libraries across the country, making sure all of us have access to outstanding libraries that enhance our communities. They lead the debate on the future of public libraries, advocating for the continuous improvement of public libraries to meet the evolving needs of the local communities.



JustSpeak is based in Willis Street Wellington, and has operated within the region for 11 years. JustSpeak emerged as an organization of young people governed by the Robson Hanan Trust in 2011. Over the past 5 years, they have matured from this small group of young people with an interest in justice, to hundreds of active people speaking up for change. JustSpeak empowers young people to speak out for change in social justice.



New Zealand Organisation for Rare Disorders (NZORD) is based in Wellington, currently located at 228 Tinakori Road, Thorndon, and has been in Wellington for 16 years. NZORD’s lease is coming to an end in September this year.  NZORD is moving to a new premises at 104 Vivian Street. This will give the organisation more profile in terms of street signage and a central city location. NZORD has moved on the 1st of August. NZORD offers a central starting point for patients and families affected by rare disorders, and helps families and patients find essential information and support groups if required. The organisation provides a large range of online resources to assist patients and their families, this includes the provision of a directory of 250 support groups, 45 free websites for small groups and regular newsletters.




PADAScreen Shot 2016-04-19 at 9.19.19 AM

PADA was established in February 2011, and aims to help create a positive social culture of encouragement, support new parents, provides educational and networking opportunities and raises awareness about perinatal mental health.
PADA’s purpose is to educate, network, inform, influence and raise awareness, making it okay for parents to talk about their distress and access the support they need.


WELLINGTON ACCESS RADIOScreen Shot 2016-04-19 at 9.19.27 AM

Wellington Access Radio was established 34 years ago, and has long since had a positive impact upon Wellington’s community. It is based as a community radio station that specializes in broadcasts “by, for and about” local community groups and individuals. The broadcast frequency is currently on an “am” wave, but has the potential to change to an “fm” station in 2016. The license that Access Radio has is a non-commercial one, given by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage. This license stipulates that there can be no more than six seconds of advertising per minute, and no more than 50% of income from advertising.


WELLINGTON KIDS CAMPScreen Shot 2016-04-19 at 9.19.12 AM

Wellington Kids Camp has been based in Paraparaumu, and has operated within the region since 2010. Kids Camps in New Zealand are specifically designed to create happy memories for children who have been victims of abuse, neglect and abandonment. Children between the ages of seven to eleven years are referred to the camps by welfare agencies and ow decile schools.
The five-day program of each camp is filled with activities designed to build trust, self-esteem and confidence within each child. All camp personnel are committed, experienced and trained to deal with all camp situations. They are also fully screened, complete with police checks. The camp offers these children an environment that is safe and non-threatening.



Pablos Art Studio11352509_10204742703595276_1116196317_n

Pablos Art Studio was established in 1993, and provides people who have experienced mental illness with free materials, tuition and support to make art. Working in the Pablos studio provides these people with a social and creative experience that helps them regain confidence to re-engage with their family, friends and the wider community. Today, Pablos accommodates for over 130 artists each year.

Pablos wishes for Ignite to provide both Marketing and Funding plans, so that Pablos can maximise its exposure
within the community, and generate increased revenues.


Emerge was founded 10 years ago, by parents of disabled children who had concerns regarding the paths available for their children once they left school. Emerge’s philosophy is one of equal opportunity for all, and assists people who experience disability in finding their place within their community. Emerge offers these people employment, training, education, social and recreational opportunities, and operates specific programmes for both school leavers and general job seekers.

Emerge wishes for Ignite to propose an online strategy which will unite those with disabilities, and offer these individuals with relevant information and opportunities. Emerge also wishes for Ignite to create a short and long term Funding Plan, as well as a Marketing Plan, so that Emerge’s facilities are fully visible within the Wellington community.