Dunedin Projects Semester 2 – 2017

The Wildlife Hospital Trust (WHT)

The WHT is an exciting new start-up organisation seeking to establish a full-functional native wildlife hospital for the South Island, located at Dunedin’s Otago Polytechnic. They are currently working on fundraising, with the hope that the hospital will be fully operational from January 2018.

The Trust would like Ignite to creatively explore ways to develop the use of social media networks, ways in which the community can actively engage in the hospital without being invasive towards its operations, and ways in which the community can be educated about the hospital and its activities.

Kowhai Drive

Kowhai Grove is a recent social venture of the Malcam Charitable Trust. It is a place where young people and their community connect to the land, learn and contribute to a small-scale farming operation, and grow food together and as individuals. Kowhai Grove works with youth transition programmes, schools, holiday programmes and tertiary students.

Kowhai Grove is seeking Ignites help to discover new revenue streams, advice on how best to attract new volunteers, and the use of their website and social media.

Parent to Parent (PTP)

parentPTP is a not-for-profit organisation that supports families who have a child with any disability or health issue, by providing information, support, networking opportunities and activities. It also runs Altogether Autism, with a team of professionals that help to research and help with requests where needed.

Ignite will be working with PTP this semester to explore new, innovative funding ideas, ideas for low-cost activities that can be organised, and raising awareness of their amazing services.

Otago University Association Football Club (OUAFC)

footballOUAFC is a non-profit, student-run football club that aims to provide football to as many people as possible. They are the largest senior-level club in Otago with five competitive men’s teams, four competitive women’s teams and one mixed social team.

They have come to Ignite seeking support for developing best practice documents and putting systems in place to manage their high turnover of committee members, and finding funding to purchase equipment, playing uniforms, and pay the ancillary costs that come with football teams.

West Harbour Sea Cadets (WHSC) – TS Nimrod

nimrodTS Nimrod is based at Port Chalmers, and runs a local junior cadets programme alongside its Officers, NCOs and senior cadets. The activities undertaken are very broad, but include learning to sail, tramping, camping, navigation, group and team exercises and competitive events. The cadets also occasionally help at community events.

WHSC will be working with Ignite’s IAG group this semester to develop ideas for fundraising events relevant to TS Nimrod’s location, and a strategy for right-sizing of the Branch Committee, with recommendations on how to recruit new committee members.

Dunedin Projects Semester 1 – 2017

The Brain Injury Association (Otago)

The Brain Injury Association (Otago) was established in 2007 to provide free support, information and education to people affected by brain injuries in the region and their families. It also aims to provide education on the prevention of brain injuries to schools, caregivers and sports clubs.

The Brain Injury Association (Otago) wish for Ignite to help them by providing advice on sources of funding and communication strategies to best connect with healthcare providers and people with brain injuries in Otago.

Taieri Parents’ Centre

Taieri Parents’ Centre is a small organisation that provides education, development and opportunities for interaction to both parents and children living on the Taieri Plains and in the wider Dunedin area. It aims to foster positive birth experiences and educated parenting in a supportive community.

Taieri Parents’ Centre have requested advice on how best to maximise their marketing strategies and the sustainability of their current childbirth education class system.

Otago Mental Health Support Trust

Otago Mental Health Support Trust was established around 30 years ago to provide support to people suffering from mental health issues in Dunedin. It is passionate about promoting full lives for people experiencing mental distress by providing advocacy, information and education.

Otago Mental Health Support Trust is seeking assistance from Ignite around diversifying their funding sources and developing a long-term funding plan.

Otago Hockey Association

Otago Hockey Association is a charitable organisation that provides hockey programmes and participation opportunities over 2,000 players in the wider Dunedin area. Based at the McMillan Hockey Centre on Harbour Terrace, Otago Hockey aims to maximise participation in the sport as well as providing other services to the players and their families.

Otago Hockey would like Ignite to provide advice on social media and communication strategies, and to explore further potential funding and sponsorship opportunities.

Unicrew Volunteer Centre

UniCrew Volunteer Centre was set up in 2014 to connect students with volunteer opportunities in Dunedin and grow the culture of student volunteering across the campus. It provides consultation, advice and support to students, staff and community organisations, while also coordinating the University of Otago Student Leadership Award.

UniCrew Volunteer Centre is seeking Ignite’s support in exploring how best to extend their services to students from all areas and strategies for maximising the growth of student volunteering at Otago.

This semester, the UniCrew Volunteer Centre is working with the Ignite Advisory Group, a team of past-consultants who work for four weeks to develop strategic recommendations in response to the brief.

Dunedin Projects Semester 2 – 2016

Cancer Society – Otago and Southland Division

The Cancer Society of New Zealand, Otago and Southland Division, was established in 1929 to provide support care as well as health promotions and programmes to people impacted by cancer and their families. The Cancer Society also funds research in the development of treatments of cancer, hoping for a cure.

The Cancer Society have requested a market analysis on their Dunedin CanShop to evaluate the long-term viability of the shop and identify further opportunities for a retail venture in Dunedin. They are also interested in a high level operational plan for the next 12-18 months to facilitate future action plans.

Dunedin Street Art

Dunedin Street Art is a charitable trust run by a small group of volunteers who are passionate about transforming the city’s blank walls into works of art. DSA aims to create spectacular works of art for the community to enjoy for free while inspiring local artists to showcase their work in alongside international artists.

DSA is seeking assistance from Ignite around potential funding routes to sustain the organisation on a long-term basis. Accomplishing this will achieve more individual walls for Dunedin central and allow for future planning for DSA to venture into other types of public art.

Otago Response Team

Otago Response Team, specialised in first-aid response and community welfare actions, is Dunedin’s primary response team in the face of disaster. Founded in 2015 in response to the Dunedin flooding in July, ORT is student-run and operated.

ORT wish for Ignite to help them professionalise to an operating standard of a civil defence group. Instrumental to this are a successful public relations campaign and networking with other local groups.

Vision Impairment Charitable Trust Aotearoa

Vision Impairment Charitable Trust Aotearoa is the sole charity in New Zealand providing support to people with vision impairment who are not blind enough to qualify for membership of RNZFB. VICTA works at a local and national level to provide support for and raise community awareness around low vision, aiming to restore Low Vision Clinics in public hospitals.

VICTA would like Ignite to develop a frameworks for an intergenerational approach to technology training for people with vision impairment. Technology is a powerful tool for people with vision impairment and VICTA aim to launch a pilot in Dunedin with the goal of eventually implementing the program across New Zealand.

Otago Peer Mediation Centre

The Otago Peer Mediation Centre was founded in 2015 by a group of University of Otago students. They offer mediation services to students for a variety of issues, aiming to resolve disputes in a manner that creates a sustainable outcome for all involved.

The Centre seek assistance from Ignite to raise their profile within the student community and to reduce the stigma associated with mediation. They also wish for guidance in governance and succession planning.

This semester, the Otago Peer Mediation Centre are working with the Ignite Advisory Group, a team of past-consultants who work for four weeks to develop strategic recommendations in response to the brief.

Dunedin Projects Semester 1 – 2016


The Association of New Zealand Myalgic Encephalophy Societies is a national support organisation for ME sufferers and their carers. The first of its type in the world, ANZMES also acts as a national and international voice on ME matters and promotes research into ME.

ANZMES wishes for Ignite to help them with succession planning to ensure their sustainability in the long-term. They also wish to help raise awareness of their organisation and ME in the community so people can better utilise their services.

Dunedin Community Care Trust

CCT Logo

Founded in 1956, CCT supports youth and adults with intellectual disabilities in Otago and Southland. In recognising that all people should be respected and supported as individuals, CCT provides specialist support tailored to each individual and their circumstances.

CCT seek a review in communications across their organisation with a view to create a stakeholder map and communication strategy. They wish for Ignite to provide a critical analysis of the organisation as a whole to identify where improvements can be made and develop innovate solutions.

GasworksGasworks Logo

The Gasworks Museum Trust was established after a battle to save the heritage site from demolition when the Dunedin Gasworks closed in 1987. The Museum owns and preserves New Zealand’s first and last Gasworks machinery, one of only three in the world, and by far the most complete.

The Gasworks wish for Ignite to help them develop the Museum as a community hub for South Dunedin. Instrumental to this are both the raising of the Gasworks’ profile in the community and a restructure of their management.

Rock SolidRock Solid logo

Rock Solid run youth development and leadership programmes for young people in the Dunedin community. To bring about positive change in the community, they support and develop youth through mentoring to foster community development and build long-lasting relationships.

Rock Solid want Ignite to help them expand their resource base so they can increase their services into North Dunedin. They also seek help with funding and updating their website.

Projects Semester 2 – 2015

Otago Access RadioOAR

Otago Access Radio broadcasts diverse local content made by 180 volunteer broadcasters, enabling the voice of local communities to be heard. Dunedin listeners tune in on 105.4FM and online podcasts to hear from a wide-range of speakers.

Otago Access Radio wishes Ignite to help with ways of engaging with the business community. They want to highlight their role as a community developer. They also seek methods and resources for surveying listeners.

UNESCO Dunedin Creative City of LiteratureUNESCO

Dunedin was awarded permanent Creative City of Literature status by UNESCO in December 2014, and now joins the other 68 member cities in the UNESCO Creative City Network across seven themes (literature, cinema, craft & folk arts, design, gastronomy, media arts, and music).

Noel Waite and members of the Steering Committee want Ignite Consultants to promote with our newly found status via marketing techniques. There is a desire for strong social media presence and creative methods to develop community awareness.


Dunedin Community Learning CentreCLS

The Dunedin Community Learning Centre is an activities based centre for adult students with an intellectual disability. Staff and volunteers provide services to develop skills that foster their students’ wellbeing, happiness, independence, acceptance and contribution to society.

Since January 2013, when government funding ceased, the Dunedin Community Learning Centre has had difficulty attracting funds. They want the help of Ignite Consultants. In addition, they wish to improve their engagement with the wider Dunedin community, particularly through their provision of crafts created by the students.


Bellyful is an organisation that cooks and delivers meals to families who have newborn babies, or sick family members, and have a lack of support around them. The Dunedin branch is made up of various volunteers who help out with meal deliveries and cookathon events.

Bellyful Dunedin is currently not gaining enough public awareness. They want Ignite Consultants help to increase the number of referrals that they receive.

Projects Semester 1 – 2015

alzheimersAlzheimers Society Otago

Established in 1982, Alzheimers Society Otago is dedicated to making life better for all people affected by dementia. They provide support in a variety of ways, such as carer groups and home visits by qualified staff. Their dedicated members also seek to educate the community about dementia and to raise awareness. Alzheimers Society Otago would like Ignite to help raise awareness as to their existence and services. They also want to explore funding options.


Dunedin Marine Search & Rescue

Established in 1971, Dunedin Marine Search and Rescue (“MSAR”) is a not-for-profit that provides highly skilled volunteers and resources for marine search and rescue operations on behalf of the NZ Police in Otago. They have many organisations involved and their purpose is to advise, coordinate and conduct inshore search and rescue operations as directed. Dunedin MSAR would like Ignite to create a strategic long-term plan (3-5 years) incorporating recent operational and governance changes. They also want to explore funding avenues.

life matters

Life Matters

Life Matters is a suicide prevention group based in Dunedin. Their aim is to raise awareness and knowledge in the community surrounding mental health issues, particularly suicide. They seek to increase support in the community and to address stigma and discrimination around such issues. They want Ignite to help with raising awareness, governance structure and funding.


Volunteering Otago

Volunteering Otago is a not-for-profit that seeks to support and promote volunteering in the Otago Community. They connect volunteers with organisations who require assistance. Volunteering Otago is connected to numerous groups and estimated 5,000 volunteers in 2014. From Ignite, they wish to gain a publicity and marketing strategy alongside an expansion strategy, to areas such as Mosgiel, Oamaru and Palmerston. They also want to engage with social media.