Ignite provides students with a unique opportunity to actively engage with their local community in a professional capacity, that has a real and resounding impact. Through working collaboratively with other innovative and socially motivated students, consultants will enhance their networking capabilities, develop a new set of transferable skills.

Who are we?

Ignite is a student-run non-profit that provides free business advice and strategic planning to charities in Dunedin and Wellington. We help clients to overcome obstacles and achieve their aspirations through harnessing students’ fresh perspectives. Ignite recruits socially minded and innovative University students to help facilitate real change and development in the charitable sector. Since 2010, Ignite has involved over 230 students who have put in over 30,000 hours of volunteering for over 110 charities. Ignite has an excellent track record of helping organisations reach their goals by providing clear and feasible strategic recommendations.

Ignite Consultants work on a volunteer basis because we believe in the work we’re doing. We believe that improving the effectiveness of organisations can make a massive and meaningful difference to the communities those organisations serve.

How can Ignite help you?

Embarking on an Ignite Project is an exciting, challenging and rewarding experience, mutually beneficial for consultants and organisations, promoting personal, social and professional growth. Ignite projects run twice a year following the University timetable, each lasting for a duration of 8 weeks. Each semester, we pair each of our client organisations with a team of 5 exceptionally talented students.

Ignite produces students a cut above the crowd. In the current job climate, landing that graduate job is highly competitive and Ignite alumni have an impressive and proven track record of excellence in their field.

What does an Ignite project look like?

Step one is the application process. At Ignite we recognise the value of diversity and creativity. We recruit students from all departments and ages. If you are interested in being part of a dynamic social enterprise, make the most of this opportunity and send your CV and a cover letter to recruitment@igniteconsultants.co.nz. If your credentials align with our requirements, you will be invited to interview. Following the interviews, we select 20 applicants to become consultants.

The next step is training. Over one weekend, consultants will develop a deeper understanding of Ignite, the charitable sector and the project ahead. During this training weekend, there is also a case competition to give consultants real-world experience consulting. Following this event, the teams will meet their clients.

The next 8 weeks involve a few key phases. First, consultants will spend time learning as much as possible about their organisation. Second, consultants will start generating creative solutions to the problem their client is facing. Third, consultants will refine their ideas with the client. Finally, consultants will write up their proposal in a full strategic report to the organisation.

At the end of the 8 weeks, your team will give a formal presentation to their client, outlining their proposal. There will also be a more public presentation in front of the other teams and organisations, as well as selected guests at the Ignite Presentation Evening where we showcase the efforts put in by the teams as well as the wonderful organisations we partner with.

Where to after an Ignite project?

The success of Ignite’s projects is a real credit to the hard work, dedication and innovation of our consultants. Once the eight week projects are up, we encourage our alumni to keep in touch and offer opportunities for past consultants to be further involved with Ignite and the not-for-profit sector.

Staying Connected With Ignite

Ignite hosts Alumni Events with keynote speakers, including leading entrepreneurs such as Dr Hong Sheng Chiong of oDocs Eye Care.

Ignite is a student-run organisation and our Executive is made up entirely of past consultants. The Executive manage the day to day tasks of Ignite as well as evaluating our systems and processes. Roles on the Executive include our CEO, Projects Co-ordinator, Commercial Manager,, Events and Marketing Manager, Alumni Manager Operations Manager and Training and Development Manager, and our Project Managers. At the end of each year, we recruit a new Executive for the next year. If you are interested in applying for the Ignite Executive, please get in touch at info@igniteconsultants.co.nz.

Further Opportunities to Engage

One of our most exciting alumni opportunities are our not-for-profit board internships – where alumni are given the opportunity to sit on a not-for-profit board for a year, be mentored by a member of the board and gain a unique experience and insights into the sector. If you are interested in finding out more about our Board Internships, please get in touch with our Alumni Manager at alumni@igniteconsultants.co.nz.

We also offer our consultants to opportunity to do Ignite again through the Ignite Advisory Group. The IAG tackles a four-week long project, guided by a mentor, with a shorter brief that our standard eight week projects. If you are interested in learning more about IAG, please get in touch with our Project Co-ordinator at projects@igniteconsultants.co.nz.