Ignite partners with organisations who work to enhance our communities. Our win-win model connects organisations with passionate and talented students, creating opportunities and nurturing socially-minded leadership.

Who are we?

Ignite is a student-run non-profit that provides free business advice and strategic planning to charities in Dunedin and Wellington. We help clients to overcome obstacles and achieve their aspirations through harnessing students’ fresh perspectives. Ignite recruits socially minded and innovative University students to help facilitate real change and development in the charitable sector. Since 2010, Ignite has involved over 230 students who have put in over 30,000 hours of volunteering for over 110 charities. Ignite has an excellent track record of helping organisations reach their goals by providing clear and feasible strategic recommendations.

How can Ignite help you?

Ignite projects run twice a year following the University timetable, each lasting for a duration of 8 weeks. Each semester, we pair each of our client organisations with a team of 5 exceptionally talented students.

Each project is as individual as the organisation it is with, and our consultants tackle issues from sourcing creative funding revenues, to networking, to long and short-term strategic planning. We’ve work with a diverse range of organisations all differing in size and structure, from small trusts boards to Dunedin-based branches of national non-profits. We’ve helped organisations to plan an expansion of their services, reorganise governmental structures and create new initiatives to increase their exposure in the community.

Ignite projects are about creating socially innovative ideas that maximise the potential of non-profits in our community. Our organisation model harnesses the minds of motivated students and gears it towards helping your organisation.

What does an Ignite project look like?

Step one of the process begins with meeting the team at Ignite in order to develop an understanding of your organisation and discuss how our services may combine to generate benefits for both parties. Here, we develop a project brief alongside you to ensure our students are able to deliver the best possible recommendations at the end of the 8 weeks.

Next, we run our recruitment period where we find the best students to come and join our team at Ignite, ensuring that our teams are brimming with exceptionally talented students who are passionate about serving their community. Once the consultants are trained and the best possible team combinations are worked out, we assign them to their projects.

This is when you will first meet your team. The consultants will meet with you to discuss the project brief and what you expects from them over the following 8 week period. This will be the starting point to send the consultants on their way towards developing the initial stages of the project. Throughout the 8 weeks, the team will have recurring meetings with you to ensure they are on track and to gain any suggestions you have to add to the process.

At the end of the 8 weeks, the team will come to you with their report and present their findings to you in a private setting. There will also be a more public presentation in front of the other teams and organisations, as well as selected guests at the Ignite Presentation Evening where we showcase the efforts put in by the team as well as the wonderful organisations we partner with.