Generating a socially conscious future by empowering young people to engage with the social sector through consulting projects with community organisations.

At Ignite consultants we build partnerships between talented students and socially conscious organisations to help maximise their impact. We train leaders and channel resources for a better world. For free. Why do we do this? Because we want to see positive change in our communities. Do you?

We specialise in affecting organisational change through connecting clever and compassionate students with those Not-For-Profit organisations seeking help

We select individuals with the passion, talent and drive that will contribute to a dynamic team geared towards solving their client’s challenges

We exist to serve those who are serving the community. Our aim is to maximise their potential through socially innovative ideas that spark change


If you are a not-for-profit organisation in Dunedin or Wellington seeking a fresh perspective, or a student wanting to put their studies to practical use in the community, you have come to the right place.

Ignite facilitates the development of the amazing community organisations in the Dunedin and Wellington regions by providing them an eight week partnership with a team of clever and creative students. These students then develop a deep understanding of how the organisation operates. At the end of the eight week period they present a clear strategy to the organisation that assists them in reaching their goals.

Ignite’s priority for both the student consultants and for the wider Ignite team is to consistently deliver the best results possible for our clients. Our recruitment is directly targeted at ensuring that our teams are brimming with not only exceptionally talented students, but students who are passionate about serving their community.

The process of pursuing innovative solutions to charitable organisations using the academic skills and new outlooks of university students sparks change and fully maximises the potential of all organisations involved.